Series: Playing Along

Playing Along with Allen Morris

Allen Morris teaches Todd “Same Old Dream” from his album Fly By Wire.

Playing Along with Sina Samimi

Todd sits with Sina Samimi, a guitarist in the group Duende Flamenco, to learn their song, “Noches Flamencas.” The session turns into an hour-long discussion of flamenco techniques, Sina’s musical education, improvisation, and more.

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Mini-Episode: the Wrong Chords and a non-Harmony

If you listened to Playing Along with Bobbo Byrnes, you heard us make a couple of mistakes. We played chords out of order and I attempted a harmony but ended up just singing the same notes and Bobbo. In this mini-episode, I pick apart those mistakes and talk about why we made them and what we can learn from them. I hope you enjoy.

Find Bobbo and The Fallen Stars at:

The song we play is “I May Never Know” from his excellent Motel Americana album available on their website.

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Playing Along with Bobbo Byrnes

Bobbo Byrnes joins Todd A to teach him “I May Never Know” from his album Motel Americana. Bobbo and his band, The Fallen Stars, are touring all over Europe and the US this summer. Show dates and all their albums can be found on

Playing Along with Briana Harley

Welcome to the first episode of Playing Along. I am so happy that my friend Briana Harley could join me for this kick-off to the show. Briana teaches me her song, “Lend me time.”

You can find Briana in all these places:

More detailed show notes about the song we played are on:

Playing Along Preview

Todd A previews his new podcast, “Playing Along.” On each episode, Todd will have a songwriter in the studio to teach him a song of theirs. In the course of Todd learning a song, hopefully the audience will learn something about music and the mechanics of composing a song.