Series: Panelism

Halloween Comics & Movies

In our annual spooky episode, Todd and Taylor recommend graphic novels and movies to read and watch this Halloween.

Specifically Amazon’s “The Boys”

In another “and more…” episode, Todd and Taylor talk about boys. Specifically, Amazon’s “The Boys” Season 2 which Taylor tries to pitch Todd on watching. Also a much needed discussion about the glory of Hayley Joel Osmen. Lots of spoilers in this one, brah.

Our Favorite Comic Book Adaptations

On this episode, Todd and Taylor break down their favorite 5 comic and graphic novel adaptations. A few surprises along the way!

Red. Purple. Green.

Todd and Taylor wrap up the summer with a look at some of Todd’s favorite RPG games.

As mentioned in the episode…

Learn D&D and make a character easily:

Todd’s favorite RPG, the grab-and-go, Fate Accelerated:

When you want a crunchier game of Fate, Fate Core:

Play scoundrels in the Victorian, goth, noir world of Duskvol in Blades in the Dark:

Be rebels, smugglers, or thieves in the sci-fi version of Blades, Scum and Villainy:

Games, Trains and Automobiles

It’s summer and we’re still riding the ‘rona. What are two middle-aged guys to do but talk about their favorite gaming platforms and releases (old and new!). Also, Taylor explains how to hook up an SNES to an HDTV.

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Comic Con at Home!

San Diego Comic Con is happening virtually this year. Todd and Taylor catch up on how to get a comic con experience from your house and what missing the in person experience means.

Wear a mask!

Potluck! Comics, TV, Games

It’s a potluck episode this week as we talk about what we’ve been reading, watching, and playing through the pandemic.

Fireside Chat: Charles Wefso

This Fireside Chat was recorded earlier in the year (twas a simpler time, sigh….) with writer and fellow podcaster Charles Wefso. Charles has just wrapped up the incredible series The Hardy Boys Drinkbook podcast. We also use this opportunity to launch our long-awaited podcast “The Village Idiots – A Guide To Watching The Prisoner.” And what’s an episode of Panelism without a lively discussion on Hickman and The X-Men (spoilers, we cover that too).

Check out the Hardy Boys Drinkbook:

Check out The Village Idiots – A guide to watching The Prisoner:

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Reading: Mercy and Decorum

New comics are back! And we’re talking about two of our new favorites: Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy and Jonathan Hickman’s Decorum.

Possible bonus: Todd gets a delivery in the middle of the show and may have forgotten to edit it out of the version you’re listening to.

Book Club: March Books 1 & 2

On this episode of the PANELISM Book Club, we discuss books 1 and 2 of March by Rep. John Lewis, co-authored by Andrew Aydin and illustrated by the brilliant Nate Powell. It’s an intense and necessary look at the events surrounding the Civil Rights struggle from 1960-1968 told in first person by Rep. Lewis who was the leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee during that time.

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