Game of Thrones S06E02: Home

You all know what happened this week. We’re talking about it and a bunch of other stuff you might be interested in.

Speaking of Spoilers (which we do)…

Here is the letter Jamie sent Doran:…-from-dorne

Preview for next week:

The IGN video that shows the Tower of Joy scene:

The song in this episode is from Alejandro Gonzalez:

You should watch this comprehensive cut of R + L = J scenes:

Here is a good explanation of the R + L = J theory:

More on R + L = J and a totally wrong theory:

Tyrion is def a Targaryen:

No, really, he is:

If you like all the theories, Alt Shift X’s videos are a great place to start. Here he is discussing whether or not Targaryens are fire-proof: