Episode Sixteen: A Figure in Hiding ft. Jack Wefso pt. 2

Hey everybody! Here’s part 2!

My guest for this episode is my brother and co-producer Jack Wefso, an actor of great regard. This is an especially great book in my opinion, because it features something that the books have been sorely lacking: a gang with a gimmick! In this stupid and pointless adventure, we encounter The Goggler Gang. They wear nylon stockings over their faces and then put light-up goggles on over that. So they’re functionally blind.

Watch a great web series that I write and in which Jack stars! www.atanyrateshow.com

Make sure to get your BINGO card ready to play along as you listen.


After staying up talking so late, you’ll need something to both calm you down and keep you going. For this episode I thought an Irish Coffee recipe would be a good fit (and no, there’s no blood in it.)

Irish Coffee

  • Make a small pot of strong black coffee
  • Ad a teaspoon of brown sugar to the bottom of a glass mug
  • Mix 1-2 ounces of room temperature Irish Whiskey with the brown sugar until it has mixed well
  • Pour the black coffee into the mug and stir with a bar spoon.
  • With the bar spoon, ladle a goodly amount of cold whipped cream on top.
  • Try not to drink too many.

Ride in an experimental hydrofoil boat! Get kidnapped to a surf… picnic? And almost murder a man with your car in: Episode Sixteen: A Figure in Hiding ft. Jack Wefso pt. 2!

Next episode Adrian Bishop is coming back! I’m so psyched!