Episode Six: The Shore Road Mystery ft. Kellene Wells

Episode Six of The Hardy Boys Drinkbook Podcast!   On this episode, I’m joined by local business owner, my dear friend, and all around hilarious person: Kellene Wells! Kellene is doing a talk on Chernobyl at one of upcoming Nerd Nights in Denver. We’ll keep you posted on that. Also, my brother Jack is in a play at the Edge Theater called “Dinner” by Moira Buffini. It runs through September and you can buy tickets at http://www.theedgetheater.com/ Normally I would have one of my favorite bartenders mix us up a drink but this week we’re doing things differently. I’m making a cocktail and talking about my history as a bartender and why I love it. The cocktail I made is a Colorado peach twist on a vodka sidecar. Because things are so peachy right now. (Recipe available at www.hardyboysdrinkbook.com) Make sure to get your BINGO card ready to play along as you listen. (http://mfbc.us/m/ejjof) Get chloroformed, buy a used car, and fight a freaking Spider-Man in: “Episode Six: The Shore Road Mystery.”