Episode Seven: The Secret of the Caves ft. Taylor Trask pt. 2

Episode Seven of The Hardy Boys Drinkbook Podcast! This episode started to go quite long, but I couldn’t bring myself to lose any of it. So I split it into two parts. I started a Patreon page to help fund the podcast. Funding issues have been a big part of the delays this past month. Anything you can contribute is a huge help. Thanks again. (https://www.patreon.com/HardyBoysDrinkbook)   Today I’m hanging out with entrepreneur and podcast host Taylor Trask! Taylor is one of the founders of there.network, a podcast network of which I am incredibly grateful to be a part. Other podcasts include The Todd and Taylor show, Fan Theories, and Wednesdays in Westeros. Check them all out. (www.there.network) Make sure to get your BINGO card ready to play along as you listen. (http://mfbc.us/m/ejjof) Go antiquing, apply for a waitress job, and foil the plans of a hostile nation which is never named in: Episode Seven “The Secret of the Caves.” pt. 2