Episode Fourteen: The Hidden Harbor Mystery ft. Patrick Sullivan pt. 1

Episode Fourteen of The Hardy Boys Drinkbook Podcast!

For this episode I’m joined by my good friend, paleontologist Patrick Sullivan! Patrick is one of the funniest people I know and this book provided so much material. I haven’t laughed this hard in Chet only knows how long.The episode went long so we split it into two parts. Part 2 will be up very shortly.

In the bar segment we went to the Lowry Beer Gardens and talked with some of our guests from the past year about their favorite memories and what they hope for the future. Thanks for listening and keep checking back for the second year of the Hardy Boys Drinkbook Podcast.

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Make sure to get your BINGO card ready to play along as you listen.


Go to the deep South, get involved in a land dispute, and assume that what is clearly a man in a rubber costume is actually an “underwater dinosaur” in: The Hidden Harbor Mystery!