Episode Five: Hunting for Hidden Gold ft. Jessica Robblee

The fifth episode of The Hardy Boys Drinkbook Podcast! On this episode, I’m joined by actress and writer Jessica Robblee. Jess is constantly involved in about a thousand different projects. I wanted to especially mention that she is the creator and director of “Siren Song: A Pirate Odyssey,” an all ages monthly serial show for which I am so lucky to get to write. Our second season will premiere in October and each month will feature a new episode in the story. If you like this podcast, or all-ages theater, or pirates, or just want to support good people doing good work, please donate at www.buntport.com/donate. Just put “Siren Song” in the description. Priscilla Jerez at Tooey’s, off colfax put together a drink with gin and yellow chartreuse and ginger liquor that would satisfy even Chet Morton’s sweet tooth. (Recipe at www.hardyboysdrinkbook.com) Make sure to get your BINGO card ready to play along as you listen. (http://mfbc.us/m/ejjof) Travel to “The West,” get amnesia, and kill a freaking wolf in: “Episode Five: “Hunting for Hidden Gold.”