Episode Fifteen: The Sinister Signpost ft. Jose Zuniga pt. 1

Episode Fifteen of The Hardy Boys Drinkbook Podcast!

I sat down with actor and dungeon master Jose Zuniga to talk about this convoluted mystery. Jose works at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and hosts an event called The Great Space Escape, which is a planetarium show that mixes astronomical information with stand up comedy. The title also sounds like it could be a Hardy Boys Mystery,

Co-Producer Jack and I went down to Celtic on Market in downtown Denver, to talk with co-owner Owen Hickey and learn about horse-track racing.

This episode went a little long so I split it into two parts. Make sure to listen to part 2!

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Make sure to get your BINGO card ready to play along as you listen.


Investigate the sabotage of an experimental race car engine, also investigate the theft of a prize racehorse, and bully a young man into a life of crime in: The Hardy Boys Drinkbook Episode Fifteen: The Sinister Signpost!