Episode Eighteen: The Twisted Claw ft. Brian Kusic pt. 2

Here is part two of Episode 18: The Twisted Claw ft. actor Brian Kusic! Brian suggested one of his favorite haunts as our featured bar this week. I went to Gerard’s Pool Hall in RiNo, in the alleyway between Walnut and Larimer. It’s by Il Posto. Anyway, bartenders Darren Harris and Stephen Claustre made me a delicious drink called “The Railbird.” It’s made with vodka, aperol, fresh grapefruit and lime juice and a basil simple syrup. It’s like a suger-bowl picnic in a glass. The pool hall is a big open space with a mezzanine overlooking six gorgeous tables. Antique photographs and furniture, collected by Gerard himself, decorate the open space. Jazz on Thursdays. It’s a heck of a place. They were re-felting a table the first day I came in, and the noise was a little too much. I stopped by the next day and Stephen was kind enough to re-do the interview. Darren made the drink though, he deserves credit for that.

Thanks to everyone listening. You are the wind beneath my biplane wings as the engine goes out over the Atlantic as we search for the lost pirate city and we’re not going to make it but wait we’re fine. I mean it. Access the Bingo Card at: https://www.mfbc.us/m/gcfcwb