Episode Eighteen: The Twisted Claw ft. Brian Kusic pt. 1

It’s Episode 18 of The Hardy Boys Drinkbook Podcast! It’s “The Mystery of the Twisted Claw!”

I’m so excited to finally have Brian Kusic as a guest on the show. Brian is an actor in Denver and one of my favorite people in the industry. He played multiple characters in an all ages show that wrote for Buntport for All Ages called “Siren Song: A Pirate Odyssey,” but his best character was Toots God of Recorders. When I found out this next book had pirates in it, I knew exactly who to call.

This episode was so good that it went too long for one episode, so I’m splitting it into two parts and putting the drink recipe in part 2.

Keep checking back and thank you all so much for continuing to check in when we have a new episode. I have heard from some of you that the only thing that you don’t like about the podcast is how rarely episodes come out. I hope you know how much that means to Jack and I, and that every listen makes this labor of love worth it.